Stratford Pool Deck

Natural stone look and feel

We built this project in the spring of 2013 in Stratford Ontario.

The original pool deck was concrete that had shifted and cracked over time. We had to completly remove it and excavate and replace the old base material.

The owners wanted the look of natural stone but also wanted something easy to walk on in bare feet. They decided to use natural stone for the pool coping and step treads that lead to the outdoor dining area. For the main pool deck they used an interlocking stone that is manufactured to look like square cut flagstone. The raised dining area and under the pergola were laid with a product that resembles irregular flagstone.

Curbs were placed along all of the planting beds to separate the areas and help keep the mulch out of the pool.

  • Date: Spring 2013
  • Elements: Raised Patio, Pool Deck, Natural Stone, Pool Coping, Pergola, Flower Bed Curbs

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