Retaining Walls

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls can be built in two different ways; gravity wall or a grid reinforced wall. 

A gravity wall uses only the weight of the blocks to retain the soil. Larger, heavier units are used at the bottom of the wall and gradually smaller units are used as the wall is built up. These walls can have a zero “batter” (or setback) and can have a setback on each row so the block appear to be leaning against the soil. 

A grid reinforced wall will usually have the same size blocks all the way from the base row to the top of the wall. Geogrid is layered throughout the wall in specific rows and stretches from the face of the wall into the backfill. The backfill then becomes the weight of the wall and the grid holds the wall from falling forward away from the soil behind it. 

Pavestone Plus will have your retaining wall engineerd and designed to meet all local codes and bylaws.

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