Water features add texture, beauty, and sound to your hardscaping.

Here are some ways to add water to your backyard!

Add In Drainage

It may not be as eye-catching as other water features, but drainage is an important water feature! Add in systems to make sure water doesn’t pool in your yard after precipitation and cause damage.

Explore Aquatic Plants

Have a pond in your yard? Explore the world of aquatic plants to spice it up!

Water lilies, water spinach, and other plants are fun to care for and can create a varied ecosystem for local wildlife.

Fountains & Water Features

Who doesn’t love a magical fountain? Fountains come in a variety of styles, so you probably can find one that compliments your yard. Even a simple pondless bubbling rock can add great sound to your landscape. 

Pool Enhancements

Add a splash pad or water feature to the pool for an extra dose of fun! This can be added to an existing pool or built in to a new pool. 

Work with Pavestone Plus to plan your dream waterworks! 

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