If you’ve been avoiding spending time outdoors or just feel that your yard needs something but you’re not sure what, you might have Yard Slump!

Ok, so we just made that up. However, we’ve found that thoughtfully curated hardscaping and breathing new life into your yard can lead to an increase in fun and relaxation while decreasing stress levels and backyards used only for storage.

Here’s how we’d recommend reviving your outdoor space: 

Create a Designated Entertaining Area

If you’re starting from scratch, consider curating a designated entertainment area. This could look like an outdoor kitchen and dining area for hosting friends or a conversation circle with a fire feature! By intentionally curating your space, you’ll avoid clutter piling up for “somedays” and “maybes”.

Consider Your Plant Diversity

When planning your landscaping, it can be tempting to pick the prettiest blooms. Most plants don’t stay that way year-round, so it’s good to diversify! 

Add in greenery to fill space and add visual interest alongside your seasonal plants. Bonus points if they’re perennials – then they’ll come back year after year.

Space to Get Moving

Whether you’re a morning yogi or prefer swimming laps, it’s a good idea to think of what physical activities you’d like the option to have outdoors. 

There are lots of options to build in or curate in your space. From putting greens to walkways, we can help you realize your vision!

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