Landscaping is not for the faint of heart! From planning to budgeting to adhering to local codes and ordinances, curating your dream space can be like putting together a puzzle. 

We always recommend working with certified professionals to help you create a long-lasting landscape that you’ll love to use year-round. 

Here are some of the most common mistakes to avoid when planning your landscaping:

Not Planning for Your Site Conditions

When you work with a landscaper, they will be able to help you understand your land and what options are available to you. Thinks like drainage, slopes, and weather should be taken into consideration when doing initial brainstorming for new builds.

Not Planning for the Year

Seasonality is important to consider, especially here in Canada. Are you prepared to handle snow and frozen grounds? Will your plants only be blooming for a small portion of the year?

Think about how much your yard changes from the warmest temperatures to the coldest time of the year, and plan accordingly.

Skipping Functionality

Sure, pools are great for summer fun, but if you don’t plan the path to get to the back of your property, you might find your self using it much less frequently. 

Hoping to host many dinner parties? If you don’t create a dining area with appropriate lighting, everyone will be heading home before dessert. 

Functionality is important to consider to maximize the usage of your landscaping!

Don’t worry – we’re here to help you prevent some of these mistakes and make your vision for your landscaping come to life! Get in touch with us for a quote or just to learn more.

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