When it comes to landscaping, a dash of creativity can make any yard fun and functional. 

Small yards don’t have to be boring or left empty to seem larger. In fact, some strategic landscaping can make your yard seem larger and more usable!

Here are some landscaping ideas for small front yards:

Vertical Gardens 

If you’ve got a green thumb but not a lot of space to showcase your talents, consider a vertical garden!

These gardens range in size and can fit in tight spaces. Grow your favorite flowers, herbs, and veggies without taking up valuable ground space. 

Multi-Purpose Furniture

Keep clutter to a minimum and utility to a maximum!

With furniture like storage benches and built-in tables, you’ll be able to have a fully functional yard that takes up less space.


Adding landscape lighting to your yard adds ambiance and can make your space seem larger during the evenings. 

As an added bonus, it also increases the safety of your property.

Curate Spaces

Creating a small sitting area or other defined space adds structure and ease of navigation to your yard. Consider hiring a landscaper like Pavestone Plus to create a pathway, steps, or patio.

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