If you’re a fan of gardening, these cold winter months are probably the slowest of the year. 

Gardening and plant care can actually be a year-round hobby – if you know what to look for! These are some of our favorite plants for cold-climate gardening. 

Start Your Herbs In Pots

It’s still too chilly for planting herbs outdoors, but you might see herbs appearing in your local garden center. Start your herbs off in pots (they look great in the kitchen!) and they’ll be lush to plant in-ground by the time the warmer weather rolls around.

In the Greenhouse

If you have a greenhouse, your gardening options grow exponentially! Plants like Arugula, Bok Choy, and Spinach grow in lower light and cooler temperatures. If you don’t have a greenhouse, be sure to cover them before the first frost.

Think Taller

There are trees and shrubs that can withstand freezing temperatures that can also become a part of your landscaping!

The blue spruce tree is beautiful in your yard year-round, and can stand temperatures as cold as -40. 

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