Here at Pavestone Plus, we love to do the impossible. 

Potential landscape clients may believe they’re not a good candidate for our services because they don’t have a sprawling backyard, or have a difficult space that doesn’t seem like it would be a good candidate for outdoor living. However, we believe that no matter the challenge, we can help you make the most of your small yard!

Here are some of our favorite ways to make the most of a small yard:

Increase Your Usable Space

You may think your yard is small but is it just the area that you currently use?

Things like slopes, old and unusable landscaping projects and unfinished grass can make your space feel smaller than it is. 

We can maximize your liveable space and change your terrain to suit your needs!

Utilize Multi-Use Landscaping 

When you’re working with a smaller size, finding landscaping projects that can serve more than one purpose is a great way to maximize your yard.

We love to use retaining walls to alter landscapes, but also provide seating or a shelf for plants and decor!

Add in Bespoke Elements

Not every yard is large enough for a pool, but there is more fun to be had outside! Consider installing a personal putting green. You can tailor the size to fit the yard you have. 

Want to hang out with your friends and family? Fire pits are another feature that can be small or large, depending on where you want it!

Ready to explore ways to turn your small yard into your perfect al fresco oasis? Explore our recent projects and then get in touch!

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