The holidays are almost here! 

One of our favorite ways to feel festive is to decorate our yard. Whether you go for the classic greenery, festive gourds, and pumpkins, or a full-on light show starring Santa, you’re sure to delight passersby and yourself anytime you pull into your driveway.

Before you get decorating, make sure that you’re prepping your yard to avoid damage to both the decorations and the yard itself. 

Here are a few ways to prep your yard for holiday decorations! 

Install the Proper Lighting

Why install decorations if no one is able to see them? 

We encourage adding landscape lighting to your property all year round, and you can really see how much of a difference it makes when you have decor to highlight. 

Additionally, it makes sure that your guests can safely navigate the yard without tripping or breaking anything along the way.

Prep the Plants

Before plugging anything in, let’s prep those plants! 

Pull any weeds or dead stems, rake those leaves, and water less frequently as the weather gets cooler. 

If you’re planning on using inflatables, make sure to move them around regularly to avoid killing the grass underneath! 

Test Before You Plug

Several months in storage can damage your decorations! Make sure any electrical wires are not frayed or damaged before you plug them in to avoid fire hazards or electrocution. 

Check for any holes, things that may have been embedded in your decorations like sticks, and other things that should not be there before dragging your decorations out to the lawn, potentially causing damage. 

We’ve got more tricks up our sleeves besides our holiday decor knowledge! Check out some additional ways to add to your home’s curb appeal year-round.

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