How is it already November?

Even if you’re more of a summer, pool party, lawn darts sort of outdoorsy, caring for your landscaping year-round ensures that it will remain healthy and prepared for each new season. 

Here are some things to do for your yard in November:

Lawn Care

November is a great time to prepare your lawn for the winter months! First up: rake your leaves and clear the area. 

Next, add fertilizer and condition the grass. Your yard is about to be dormant during the frozen winter months ahead, so this will help your grass flourish in the spring. 

Care For Your Plants

You might not be actively gardening, but you can still take steps to care for your gardens.

Remove any dead plants or dry stems. If you have perennials, make sure to prune and remove any dead parts. This will help the plants flourish in the spring!

Finally, add a layer of mulch to protect the ground and add warmth.

Avoid the Freeze

Before the first freeze, make sure to drain anything with water like hoses. Otherwise, they can freeze over and crack or become unusable. 

Also, make sure your exterior water supplies are turned off from the inside and then drained out from the outside to avoid burst pipes. 

Want to take your lawn care to the next level? Read our lawn care 101 guide to become an expert!

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