The best part of the cooler months? The smells! Bonfire, s’mores, lattes, and cinnamon – is there anything better?

If you find yourself skipping hanging out in your backyard in favor of staying in, maybe you just haven’t found the perfect fire pit to get you outside.

Where do you start when adding a fire pit to your yard? Let your creativity run wild. When you’re planning to add a fire pit to your yard, there are lots of shapes and locations to consider.

Conversation pits keep you warm (and social!) well into the winter months! This is also a great option if you have a lot of yard to work with but your deck or patio is already full.

Add a fireplace to your outdoor kitchen to keep everyone close (and warm) to the home. 

Don’t stick with one shape! Round, rectangular, and square are popular options that can be modified to fit your needs. 

Another factor to consider is gas vs. wood. Wood-burning pits are a popular choice and can be more affordable. Gas pits are more convenient and turn on and off much easier than starting and putting out a wood fire. However, they are more complicated to install and come with a bigger price tag. 

Discuss your wants to your contractor to ensure you’re getting a custom fire pit that fits your needs. 

The s’mores await!

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