Adding stairs and decks may be some of the first projects you invest in for your home, but fun and unique projects are what give your landscaping the most unique flavor! 

Here are some unexpected ways to spice up your backyard: 

Install a Putting Green 

Brush up on your golf game from the comfort of your own home! Putting greens are quick jobs that add fun back into your backyard. These versatile projects can be built to fit your yard – not the other way around like with other large projects. 

Add a Water Feature 

Add an eye-catching centerpiece to your yard with a bespoke water feature like a fountain or bubbling rocks! Fountains add movement and charm to an otherwise still landscape.

Create Your Own Magical Garden

When designing a garden or plant area, the only limit is your imagination. Flowerbeds adorning walkways, raised gardens for easy veggie harvesting, and space for hedges and bushes add visual interest 

Make Conversation a Priority

Create a fire pit area that also doubles as a conversation circle to entertain and strike envy into the hearts of your friends! You’ll be able to enjoy this area from the holidays to summertime. 

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