Ah, fall. Gone are the days of sweating from 8am-7pm, and we welcome warm lattes, cozy sweaters, and look forward to the holidays ahead. 

To maximize the time you can spend enjoying your outdoor time and prep for spring, there are steps to take to care for your yard. 

Here’s how to prepare your landscaping for chillier temperatures:

Get Ahead of the Freeze

Any water left in your yard will freeze during the colder months and can ruin pools and hoses. Drain anything that carries water, including a gutter clean! 

Audit Your Foliage 

Now is the time to pull out weeds, dead plants, and any diseased trees or bushes before the frost sets in. This will prevent spreading and leave you with a clear space for new plants in the spring! 

Fertilize Your Lawn 

Fertilizing before the ground freezes over and the grass grows dormant ensures that your lawn will grow lush and strong next spring! 

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