Your landscaping took time and energy to perfect. It’s your backyard haven and your place to escape. You want to make sure it stays beautiful for as long as possible, right?

Here are tips to make sure you’re properly caring for your outdoor areas: 

Keep Weeds at Bay

Addressing weeds is easier to do when they first sprout up. If they grow, weeds can spread their roots and become much more difficult to remove over time. When weeding your garden try to pull as much of the root as possible to avoid the weed growing back. 

Consider allowing the wildflowers in your area to help supplement local insects and animals, which in turn can help keep other detrimental pests at bay.

Maintain Proper Pool Care

Your pool needs year-round care to keep it clean and functional. Make sure you’re following our tips when starting to plan your pool care schedule!

Keep Your Outdoor Kitchen Clean

Your outdoor appliances are pretty hardy, but a little care can keep them in working order for a long time. Make sure you wipe down your appliances after every use with water and mild soap to avoid attracting bugs and debris. Invest in covers to protect against the elements (especially during snow), and bring your fridges indoors during the winter. 

Wash Your Deck

Once a year, your deck can use a thorough clean with a deck-cleaning solution to remove mold and mildew. Don’t do this too often – you don’t want to prematurely wear out your deck!

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