Here at Pavestone Plus, installing backyard putting greens is one of our favorite projects to do. It adds color and fun to your landscaping without the hassle and cost of seeding, sodding, watering, aerating, fertilizing, herbicide, pesticide costs and mowing your lawn!

When you’re not practicing your putting, there are small things you can do to maintain your green:

Do a Daily Sweep 

To keep your putting green looking great, do a daily check to make sure it’s free and clear of leaves, or other debris.

Keep it Covered 

Is your green in direct sunlight most of the time? Turf is pretty resistant to sunlight, but you may notice the color begin to fade over time. Don a cover for the times you’re not using your green to keep the color vibrant. 

Rough It Up

If you’re noticing some matting, you can use a rough-bristled broom to stand up the putting green and bring it back to life. This turf is pretty resilient – keep it voluminous with the occasional brush. 

But Not Too Much

Your artificial turf is different from your natural grass. Skip the mowing, fertilizing, and watering to avoid causing accidental damage or prematurely aging your green.

If you have questions about your putting green? Get in touch to install, maintain, or upgrade your home’s putting green.