Spring is one of our most favorite times of year! The warming temperatures, blooming flowers, and chirping of birds is a guaranteed cure for the winter blues. 

Feeling a spring in your step and ready to get outside? Here are a few of our favorite ways to get our garden on this season. 

Raised Garden Beds

Keep hungry critters and back pain away with a raised garden bed! Make planting, care, and harvesting a breeze without having to spend hours on all fours in the dirty. We call this working smarter, not harder!

Terraced Landscaping 

Do you have a slope in your landscaping that isn’t doing anything but making getting around more difficult? 

Terracing your landscaping not only increases the aesthetics but adds usable land to your landscaping. Spruce up your slopes with colorful flowers!

This can be accomplished by utilizing retaining walls in a variety of styles to match your aesthetic preferences. 

Light It Up

Who says you can only enjoy your foliage in the daylight hours? Adding in landscape lighting increases safety while allowing you to enjoy your yard into the night!

Our annual mulch depot is a great way to jump start your garden projects! 

Visit us every Saturday this spring from 8am – noon. For delivery call, text or email Ross ⁣at (519) 748-8034 or ross@pavestone.ca.