Colder temperatures, beautiful snow, cozy nights in – there’s a lot to look forward to in winter! 

When you think “landscaping”, you probably imagine rolling hillscapes, pools with waterslides, and beautiful flowering gardens. Ice and temperatures below freezing typically are the last thing on your mind when planning construction, right?

There are a lot of projects you can do for your property during the colder months to utilize your space while also preparing for spring. 

Let’s get building!

Revamp Your Landscape Lighing

The days are getting shorter, and a dark yard is an unusable yard. Avoid safety issues and unnecessary spills with lighting across pathways, add curb appeal with up or down lighting trees, and enjoy more liveable square footage with patio lighting. 

Install a Firepit

A cozy night around a firepit is perfect for a date night, family bonding, or just getting outdoors. Skip flimsy firepits that you’ll have to replace and build a permanent unit into your yard. 

Upgrade to Pavers

Wooden decks and walkways have a shorter life and are more susceptible to mold, rot, and decay than their paved countparts. Upgrade your pathing to our interlocking pavers for a smoother, longer-lasting option that’s easier to navigate in the snow. 

Look Ahead to Spring

If your yard needs some major TLC, you might be looking at longer work times for your project to be complete. Get ahead of schedule and start planning your project in the colder months so you can get started as soon as the weather warms up. 

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