Landscaping changes don’t always have to be huge investments. Small projects can make big aesthetic changes without having to worry about extensive work and disruption of your space. 

If you’re happy with your outdoor space but need a refresh, here are some projects that won’t break the bank:

Add in Flower Bed Walls

Keep your garden looking pristine with flower bed walls! These are basically small retaining walls around your flower bed to maintain its shape and make it look more clean. 

Install a Fire Pit

Who doesn’t love a fire pit? From roasting hot dogs in the summer to cozying up with a warm drink in the summer, this is a backyard addition you can enjoy all year round. Instead of ordering a flimsy pit that you’ll need to replace, add to the value of your home and build one right into your backyard!

Incorporate Archways, Pergolas, and Screens

Close your eyes and imagine stepping into a magical garden. Did you picture walking through a flower-filled archway? We thought so.

Custom-built archways, pergolas, or screens can add privacy to your yard without sacrificing your view. 

Update Your Pool with a Bubbling Rock

Did someone say fancy spa? We’re over boring pools, so it’s time to make yours feel a little more luxurious. 

Bubbling rocks and spillways are simple additions that give your pool character and, let’s face it, are fun to play in. 

Seat Walls

What are seat walls, you may ask? They are shorter retaining walls that you can comfortably sit on. If you are required to include a safety railing or barrier, this is a great and aesthetically pleasing way to avoid ugly bannisters or railings.

Are you ready to refresh for fall? Drop us a line for more information.